About Us
Samudayik Vikas Parishad
Samuadayik Vikas Parishad is a registered society committed for social service. The foundation of the society rests with senior people who have been included in the society, right from the inception of society. The society is contributing for the social cause of restructuring the social activities of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Also the society is working to educate & Vocational Training for the youth of various backward classes and providing them with counselling to live their lives in a good way.

Technical Employee Welfare Association (TEWA)
In this modern world of science and technology the development of any country primarily depends on the contribution of its Human Resource specially in the field of technology. Madhya Pradesh has a special status in our country from the view of population and resources. People associated with the field of science and technologies are contributing for the development of these fields. It is for this reason that within a small period of time, people of the state are preparing youth to serve in fields through the technical societies. People associated with technical services have formed a big group to increase & popularize the activities in these fields of technology for the development of technical areas by contributing to their fullest for this cause of humanity. To safeguard the interests of such honourable people, a society of these have been formed in Madhya Pradesh by the Name of "Technical Employees Welfare Association" ("TEWA") This society support and a platform for such activities in the state of M.P. & in the country.